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The Echansons


conseil echansonsHistory of the Brotherhood


The council, which is the official owner of the museum, was founded in 1954. Its main objectives are the defense and promotion of the finest wines from the French ‘terroir’. Among the founders were renowned Parisian restaurant owners and wine merchants. Today, there are several thousands of professionals and amateurs who represent the brotherhood throughout the world. According to an ancient tradition, an ‘Echanson’, is a person who pours (serves) a drink. In the French royal courts, this function was quickly considered as one of the most noble. The task was reserved to trustworthy men who could only hold this post if they came from a rank of nobility.

The Great Echanson of France or Echanson of France personally served the king on four special occasions: Easter, Pentecost, All Saints Day and Christmas.

With the deputies of the Board of Echansons, the Echanson, was also in charge of the wine cellars and the general service of the king. Guardians of this tradition, the members of the council today revive the knowledge and experience of their illustrious predecessors. Their purpose is to ensure the continuity of the ‘savoir-faire’ and the quality which gives French wines their worldwide fame.


Motto of Echansons' brotherhood


Good wine strengthens man's body
« Bonum Vinum laetificat cor hominum »

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