Simple Corkscrews - Rotatory Extraction Method

Simple Corkscrews - Rotatory Extraction Method

tb-cloche-miniCorkscrew with short bell for a limited vertical movement

Usage: the cork is extracted millimeters into the little bell. It is then removed by slight turning movement as is done with other corkscrews of this category.

First patent :William Bennit USA 1883

Distribution : France, USA, Germany

tb-rotatif-miniDouble-bit Corkscrew (rotatory extraction)

Usage : the cork turns in the bottleneck while being gripped by both opposing bits. It is finally extracted by a gentle turning motion.

First patent : James Wilson Angleterre 1883

Distribution : England, USA


Simple Corkscrews with Bit

tb-commercial-miniSimple Metallic Corkscrew with horn-shaped handle

Manufacturer / Patent

Martinaud Charles and Marcel 1929

 : Bidault p. 139, L’Extracteur 1 p. 16, L’Extracteur 33 p. 14


tb-scipion-miniCorkscrews with long handles

Description :

Simple corkscrew with long handle

Sometimes bearing a design of six pawns.

Manufacturer / Patent - Justeau Aristide 1903

Literature : 
Bidault p. 168, Bidault II p. 118

Simple Corkscrews without Bit

tb-bilame-miniDouble blade corkscrew with cast aluminium handle 

Different dressings - shown here in red bakelite


Label : Gol Fabricant / Brevet Goldenberg 1938

Littérature : 
Berndt p. 78, Bidault p. 150, Bidault II p. 103, Screw-code : NPJ140


tb-bilame-poche-miniDouble blade corkscrew in a tin plate pouch

Label: Registered design : L' Haltéro

Patent 634,998 of May 25, 1927

 : Berndt p. 77, L’Extracteur 29 p. 30, Screw-code : NPF03

tb-bilame-haro-miniDouble blade corkscrew with cast aluminium handle 

Various cases - shown here in yellow bakelite

Label MARO

Manufacturer / Patent : Lyonnet Marcel 1940

Literature : 
Bidault II p. 133, Screw-code : NPJ112

tb-parisien-miniHook Corkscrew

Description: Label : Le Parisien

Manufacturer / Patent

Probably Patent 324 053 from Edouard Ygounec dated March 31, 1923

Literature : 
Olive P. 217