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Cette rubrique est consacrée à différents articles écrits par des spécialistes ou amateurs sur des outils ou des objets concernant la vigne et le vin.


Article translated from French -  original version by Daniel Jallageas – Member of the Corkscrew Club of France (Club Français du Tire-Bouchon)

The Corkscrewillustration-tire-bouchon

Instrument? Utensil? Equipment? Machine? Tool? What is a cork screw? Does it react against its subject? Does it perform its task? Does it transform energy? Is it a simple machine or a complex one?

The corkscrew is everything. None of these terms suit it, by the simple fact that cork screws are plenty, diverse and varied. But how can we talk about cork screws without talking about wine, bottles and corks?

Up to the 17th century, wine was stored in barrels (earlier in flasks) and brought to the table in carafes, jugs, pitchers and fiascos. In that era, the bottle was already known, but it was under-utilized since it was fragile and expensive. A thick, solid, dark glass then made its appearance.


Choosing Your Corkscrew

In this second round of our articles on corkscrews, we would like to thank, in particular, Mr. Hajo Turler, member of the Corkscrew Club of France for his high quality article. Also, special thanks to Mr. Alain Grondreau for having made the link and necessary attempts for obtaining the permission to publish these articles.

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Simple Corkscrews - Rotatory Extraction Method

Simple Corkscrews - Rotatory Extraction Method

tb-cloche-miniCorkscrew with short bell for a limited vertical movement

Usage: the cork is extracted millimeters into the little bell. It is then removed by slight turning movement as is done with other corkscrews of this category.

First patent :William Bennit USA 1883

Distribution : France, USA, Germany


Inflatable Corkscrews

tb-pneumatique-miniGas injected corkscrew

Manufacturer / Patent: Manufacturer Unknown
Patent 1,449,657 from Marcel François Precazaux dated April 22, 1965

Literature : L’Extracteur 14 p. 20, Olive p.283, Screw-code : NIC5008


Mechanical Corkscrews

Double Lever Mechanical Corkscrew

tb-regulateur-miniRegulator Corkscrew

Description: Double lever with bell. Unlabelled
Manufacturer / Patent: Coville Moïse 1905
Possibly based on patent 123760 from Gilbert Masmaison dated July 1, 1878

Literature : Bidault p. 109, Bidault II p. 66, Olive p. 48, Peters p. 205, Screw-code : LDP310