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formation-connaissanceWith over twenty-five years of experience in the organization of wine events in France and Europe (eg. United Kingdom, Spain and Italy), the museum has developed a professional training centre. We also administer wine tasting courses to private individuals, business schools and workers’ committees. We have had more than 30, 000 students and participants to date.

Our course instructors range from experts in the wine industry to oenologists and sommeliers. The primary objective of our training team is to respond to your specific career objectives.

We are a training agency conform to the criteria necessary for the administration of your interventions under the French D.I.F. training budget. We guarantee you the most adapted professional wine-related training solutions as well as the best of services.

Where do we deliver our classes ?

Two options :

  • If you only have a few hours to spare for your training, we will travel directly to your company headquarters with the all the materials necessary for delivering your personalized classes.

  • If you like, you can benefit from any of the 5 reception areas at the museum (4 vaulted cellars and 1 modern-day room). The reception areas are located in the 16th district of Paris. All the necessary materials will be made available to you: a white board or a giant LCD screen as well as other items for the wine tasting aspect of the training…
O.C.P.A. Coverage

This intervention can be fully or partly covered by your OPCA (Organismes Paritaires Collecteurs Agréés), within the framework of a training programme for your organisation or a DIF (an individual right to training).

Contact your OPCA (or your human resources / accounting department) informing them that you have identified professional training that you wish to undertake. Provide them with our training centre number registered at the Prefecture of Ile de France.   The DIF was created by the law of May 4, 2004 on ‘professional life-long training and social dialogue’.

In France, the DIF allows employees with a minimum of one year of seniority the right to pursue individual training. With the approval of the employee’s organization, the employee can benefit from 20 hours of training per year or 120 hours over a period of six years.

The training is undertaken on the initiative of the employee and in accordance with his or her employer. This agreement takes a written format. The employee should submit his or her application at least 90 days before the beginning of the training. The training can be done outside of company working hours. In this event, the employee receives an allocation of 50 per cent of his or her net salary and the employer is responsible for covering training and transportation expenses. The employee continues to receive his or her salary if the training takes place during work hours.

Sign up for a Training Programme ?

A number of small-sized restaurants cannot afford the services of a sommelier. Train one of your waiters, waitresses or restaurant managers so that he or she is able to present, uncork and serve a bottle of wine. This person will also be able to develop a wine list for your restaurant. Job flexibility issues may put you in embarrassing situation. Imagine that your sommelier is unavoidably absent due to illness, vacation, a work-related accident or staff turnover. Don’t wait any longer; make your waiters and waitresses multi-skilled.

Discover Our Module: Recommend & Serve Wines in the Food Service Industry

You are an employee hoping to perfect your knowledge in wines in order to simply progress, to get a promotion or make a career change. We are here to assist you through the possibility of taking 10 exhaustive training sessions.
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formation-crusDiscover Our Module: Understanding Wine

You are a sales representative, communications professional, executive or manager and you are not savvy on “how to drink” at your business dinner / lunch meetings. The art of wine tasting is essential to the rules of refined upbringing and the acceptable manners associated with selecting a wine from a restaurant’s wine list.

Just like your dress code or your vocabulary, an understanding of wine will be very useful and will definitely leave an indelible impression on your clients during your business meetings. This could make the difference in sealing a contract.
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Discover Our Module: Wine & Business Meals

You would like to engage in wine merchandising or just simply improve your general knowledge as a cellar master. Take advantage of this course which will allow you to perfect your expertise in the field.
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Discover Our Module: How to Sell & Recommend Wine

Wine sales have drastically declined in restaurants due to the new measures taken in the fight against alcohol abuse, but also due to a general decline in wine consumption.
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Discover Our Module: Optimizing Wine Sales by the Glass in the Food Service Industry

You already have a fair knowledge of wines, in particular French wines. Faced with an increasingly globalized wine market, you wish to acquire expertise which surpasses the borders of France just as a matter of personal interest or for business reasons.Brochure de présentation des formations

Discover Our Module: Foreign Wines

You are specialized in administering wine tasting activities and you would like to perfect your wine vocabulary and understanding of the discipline in foreign languages.Brochure de présentation des formations

Illustration-brochureWe propose to you an extraordinary module: Wine & Languages -Learn basic wine-related vocabulary in English, Spanish and Italian

Discover Our Module : General Knowledge of Wine Producing Regions

We also propose two specific themes :
Champagne or Cognac & Armagnac

Consult our PDF brochure for more information on the modules offered...notre brochure