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Welcome to the Paris Wine Museum Restaurant - Les Echansons


Come and discover an out-of-the-ordinary site tucked away just 300 metres from the Eiffel Tower. There you can take advantage of an original ambiance nestled in the heart of ancient 15th century cellars.

Our chef warmly welcomes you to try our traditional French cuisine which incorporates fresh seasonal produce. With advice from our experts and professional sommeliers, we also offer more than 200 wines to accompany your dishes.




The admission fee to the museum is only included in the Menu Bacchus.

All prices quoted here are tax included.


Echanson Menu
1 main course "à la carte" (beverages not included)

Menu Terroir
29,50 €
1 Starter
1 Main Course or Main Course
1 Dessert (other beverages and supplements not included)

Menu Dionysos
37 €
1 Entrée
1 Main Course
1 Dessert (other beverages and supplements not included)

Menu Bacchus
63 €
1 Entrée
1 Main Course
1 Dessert (other beverages and supplements not included)

Menu Enfant
12 €
1 Main Course
1 Dessert+ Drinks



The wine list




Chef R. Labiadh proposes a traditional French cuisine.


Our Summer Lunch Menu :


Sauteed mushrooms with parsley and garlic
Poached egg in red wine sauce
Semi-cooked foie gras , brioche, fig jam (extra charge of 3€)


Main Courses
Lamb confit, sautéed potatoes, dried fruits & honey sauce
Fillet of sea bream & barley & vegetables
Veal escalope with Marsala sauce

Chocolate fondant cake, ice cream
Crêpe with caramelized clementines
Strawberry shortbread with vanilla
Ice-cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, salted butter caramel, lime)



Book online at restaurant des Echansons



You can also make you reservation by phone : +11 (0)1 45 25 63 26



Choose and buy your menu at restaurant des Echansons











Visit hours from Tuesday to Saturday, opened hours : 10 am till 6 pm





Summer break: Re-opening on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.
Lunch from Tuesday to Saturday, opened from noon till 3 pm





5 Square Charles Dickens

75016 Paris




Tél. +33 (0)1 45 25 63 26





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