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Curator’s Message


jean jacques hervyTo cultivate the vineyard and to make wine is not just a trade, it is an art form. More than two thousand years of French savoir-faire have contributed to the creation of world renowned wines. Generations of winemakers, cellar masters, oenologists and coopers have relentlessly perfected their craft in order to produce the most prestigious vintages. The Wine Museum pays homage to

these veterans through a renewed concept of their craft and traditions.


The museum gives visitors the opportunity to discover or learn about the different objects sometimes unusual and often forgotten, which are today a part of our heritage.

In this regard, these items not only interest us because of their usages but also because of their value and symbolism. Carefully designed, they have acquired an original personality. The materials used, their shape and the appropriate decorations transform them into unique exhibits, the incarnation of a revealed and transmitted knowledge.


The exhibits have a living history, one which makes them touching in their simplicity. They are beautiful in their own right, just as they came to us, worn out by toiling and inspired by a sense of respect.


Servants of the past, they are the memory. Rustic or precious, their evocative capacity commands our attention.


For our generation and the ones to come, the museum exhibits are players of a bygone era, which eternally testify to the talent of the inventors and the skillfulness of those who master their usage.


Jean-Jacques Hervy

Curator, Musée du Vin









Visit hours from Tuesday to Saturday, opened hours : 10 am till 6 pm





Summer break: Re-opening on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.
Lunch from Tuesday to Saturday, opened from noon till 3 pm





5 Square Charles Dickens

75016 Paris




Tél. +33 (0)1 45 25 63 26





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